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Stephen Simpton

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Stephen was technically born in New York but only spent 6 months there. After a brief stint in New Orleans, where he made many wonderful childhood memories, his family settled in Dallas. Stephen earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. He then attended the University of Texas Dental School in Houston. Stephen enjoyed the art and science of Dentistry but mostly he loved the people he worked with everyday. Serving his many loyal patients was the highlight of his career. He also managed 7 dental practices, 16 Dentists and over 100 team members. Stephen practiced Dentistry for almost 20 years before retiring from the profession to join his wife, Abby, in Real Estate. He has always been involved in Abby’s build projects and like her, enjoys the creative side of building as well. When Stephen isn’t on the job site, he enjoys reading about current events, playing golf, and watching the National Geographic channel.

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